Welcome to the Yavneh-Yam Archaeological Project

The "Yavneh-Yam Archaeological Project" is an ongoing excavation project carried out by the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, at Tel Aviv University, since 1992. The project is planned mainly as a training excavation for students of the department but from its beginnings it was opened to volunteers from all over the world, both students of archaeology and general enthusiasts.

The project had many contributors and affiliations along the years. It has been supported by the Faculty of Humanities (Tel Aviv University), Earthwatch (1993-1997),  "The Kurt Lion Foundation for Cooperation between the Universities of Konstanz (Germany) and Tel Aviv (Israel)" and Mr. Marty Goldberg on behalf of "The Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University  at Toronto".

A preliminary report of four seasons of excavations carried out until now (1992-1999) is in preparation and will be published soon.

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