Yavneh-Yam is a beautiful coastal site located in central modern Israel. The Site has been inhabited throughout a vast period of time. From the Chalcolithic period, ca. 4500-3500 BCE to the Mamluk period in the 13-14 centuries CE.

The main aim of the project is an attempt at a synthesis of the physical and social-anthropological character of the civilizations at Yavneh-Yam through antiquity. The physical and social background of different ethnic and religious groups who have lived at the site have been analyzed. These include Canaanites, Phoenicians, Greeks Jews, Christians, Pagans, Samaritans, and Muslims. 

The project is divided into two parts: one, continuing excavations and surveying of the site and its hinterland; two, the research of a wide spectrum of issues tangential to the understanding of the site's civilizations. Included are environmental elements regarding geological and geographic background, osteological and faunal data, all of them linked to the historical background and material and artistic as exposed at the different levels of the site. We are aimed to excavate both official buildings and remains of everyday living. In short, we try to 'read' history from the material findings, and you are invited to join us in this endeavor.